Workplace Coaching

Disagreement is inevitable.

Conflict is optional.

You are a business owner, team captain, HR manager, or supervisor.  You are a thoughtful leader, and you care about the wellbeing of your people.  There is ongoing tension, conflict, or bullying among some employees that is affecting productivity and morale.

You don’t understand why your team members can’t just get along - or you do know, but nobody seems able or willing to change.  You are tired of spending your time and energy dealing with the situation, and you need help.  You are afraid that

  • the tension and conflict will only get worse unless someone intervenes,
  • you may lose valuable team members, and you will have to spend money and time to hire and train new employees, or
  • somebody may sue the company or you personally, claiming a hostile work environment, and it will be very expensive to defend or settle the lawsuit.

You secretly want someone to wave a magic wand and make this problem go away, so you can

  • have an atmosphere of mutual respect where everybody communicates and works well together,
  • spend your time doing more enjoyable work than managing other people’s squabbles, and
  • work with happy, productive, and loyal employees.

Welcome!  I’m Lisa Fisher.

I help leaders and their team members take the stress out of workplace conflict, get along better and get more work done.

My approach to conflict coaching is based on two premises:

#1:  Humans are not just a brain on a stick.
#2:  Lasting peace requires compassionate power.

As a mediator, former corporate attorney, Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, certified Yoga teacher, embodiment coach, and practicing Buddhist, I draw on a wide variety of scientific and spiritual principles as well as non-athletic movements to engage the whole mind-body system, which leads to faster and more effective results.

What conflict coaching can do for your and your team

Team members learn how to

  • recognize their own contribution to the team dynamics,
  • understand how they and others respond to a perceived threat: fight-flight-freeze,
  • manage stress, fear, and frustration by utilizing their entire mind-body system,
  • stop bullying and other harmful and counterproductive tactics, and
  • collaborate respectfully, even when they disagree or don’t like each other.

Managers learn how to

  • identify the root causes of conflict in their team,
  • create an environment that fosters more productive teamwork,
  • be more at ease during challenging conversations,
  • make decisions that teams will support and implement, and
  • hold team members accountable for undesirable behavior and broken commitments.

Rather than merely "mediating a conflict" and providing an external and temporary solution to a specific problem, workplace coaching is about building internal and lasting competence for you and your team members.

Why hire a coach, instead of handling this in-house?

If you could solve your problem in-house, you would have done so already, and you would not be reading this.

A trained independent professional can

  • provide a fresh perspective on the current workplace dynamics that is not influenced by a personal relationship or “history” with the people involved,
  • get to the real, often hidden issues by being a safe sounding board – someone to speak with confidentially, openly, and honestly without fear of repercussions, and
  • assist with challenging conversations – as your coach, who works with you so you can have the conversation by yourself, as your private diplomat, who has the conversation on your behalf, or as your facilitator, who is with you to guide you through the conversation.

How coaching with me works

We will begin by meeting informally to discuss your current challenges, to introduce me to your team, and to invite each team member who would benefit from coaching to meet with me.

In several one-on-one sessions, each team member will

  • gain a better understanding of the role they and others play in the current dynamic,
  • identify their personal triggers and responses to stress,
  • develop a customized strategy to remain calm in tense situations,
  • learn how to shift their mental, emotional and physical state to interact more productively, and
  • practice how to say what they need to say to the person who needs to hear it – with respect, courage, curiosity and humility.

I will also meet privately with you and other members of management, as appropriate, to discuss

  • what is really going on beneath the surface – to the extent possible while maintaining confidentiality,
  • what you can do to create a cooperative work environment, and
  • how you can support your team members in implementing what they have learned and hold them accountable.

Working with me is for you if ...

  • you want to stop putting out personnel fires and get back to your actual job,
  • you are done struggling on your own and are ready to get the support you deserve,
  • you see investing in your employee's personal development and wellbeing as a smart business strategy,
  • you are willing to do your part in motivating and enabling your team members to change, and
  • you believe in your people's potential to grow.

Working with me is not a fit if ...

  • you expect a one-size-fits-all quick fix that miraculously turns everyone into perfect emotionless corporate machines,
  • you are merely going through the motions in anticipation of a lawsuit,
  • you are only interested in identifying who is to blame and who you should punish or fire,
  • you are not prepared to implement changes and hold team members accountable, or
  • you have no hope that the situation can improve.

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