Do you want to grow into the best version of yourself
and lead an empowered life?

Join a small group of mindful humans
for an introduction to Mind-Body Empowerment,
an effective framework for approaching life's challenges.

In this 4-week program, you will:

  • Practice being more aware of yourself and your surroundings.
  • Acquire basic self-defense skills to stay safe and boost your confidence.
  • Learn to manage stress and fear to feel more in charge.
  • Explore purposeful posture and breath adjustments to shift your mindset.
  • Get out of victim mode and identify steps to manifest your vision.

You will gain a deeper understanding how your mind and body function in tense situations, and how you can use the mind-body connection to remain calm and feel more empowered.

Week 1

Wherever you go, there you are.

Be present and aware, without judgment.
How to write a different life story.

Week 2

Become the boss of your fear.

Use your fear to keep you safe, not stuck.
How to remain calm in tense situations.

Week 3

On the move.

Overcome your doubts and gain clarity.
How to take courageous action.

Week 4

Just do you.

Embrace your unique self.
How to create meaningful connection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buddha Power:

I'm out of shape and not flexible at all. Can I do this program? +

Yes! Each group program is tailored to the individual participants, and all movement components - Yoga and self-defense - are accessible at any fitness level. EVERYBODY can develop healthy postural habits and apply powerful safety moves. You will channel your inner Ninja Yogi.

What will we be doing in each session? +

We will start with a mindfulness exercise and a discussion of the week's topic, followed by a sequence of carefully selected Yoga poses combined with breath work. You will also learn and practice one or more self-defense techniques that are conceptually related to the theme of the week. There will be optional "homework" between sessions in the form of journaling prompts and suggestions for mindfulness and empowered action.

What should I wear? +

Please be comfortable, and don't worry about special attire. Come as you are! The secret ingredient for living an empowered life is YOU - whether you are wearing Yoga pants, a business suit or pajamas.

What do I need to bring? +

Please bring an open mind, the desire to learn, and the willingness to explore different ways to relating to yourself and the people around you. You will receive a binder with written materials, including detailed instructions for the Yoga poses we practice, that is yours to keep. If you like taking notes, please bring something to write with and on. I will have a Yoga mat available for each participant (you are welcome to use your own mat if you prefer), although you may not need one.

When and where is this program happening? +

Buddha Power is currently offered in person in the Greater Los Angeles area. New programs start each month at times and locations that are convenient for each group. To find out about the next group you could join, click the button below and schedule a time for us to chat.  Stay tuned for the online DIY version!

To have your questions answered by a live human,

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and we'll determine whether the Buddha Power program is right for you.

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