Lisa Fisher

Welcome. I am Lisa Fisher, founder of Black Belt Mediation. Guiding people through conflict to reach common ground is my passion and my day job.

For most of my life, I have been a peacemaker. Beginning in my early teens, I held the positions of designated diplomat, sounding board, smoother of tensions, and restorer of harmony in my family. After studying law in my native Austria and obtaining an LL.M. degree from Yale Law School, I spent many years negotiating deals as a big firm corporate transactional lawyer. What fascinated me most in my work was the finesse involved in bringing people together, figuring out the complex interpersonal dynamics, and locating that often elusive common ground. Honestly, I would have loved to represent all the parties in a transaction and skip the adversarial positioning.

In 2008, I finally decided to return to my early roots and become a professional conflict resolver. I trained at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation and at Pepperdine Law School’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, and have been fortunate to help many people to approach, manage and resolve their conflicts more effectively.

I am also a student of the martial arts, where a black belt stands for skill, strength, continuous striving for excellence and self-mastery, determination, perseverance, confidence, humility and respect. Above all, it stands for a commitment to peace – averting a fight whenever possible and, if a fight is unavoidable, ending it quickly and efficiently. I try to hone these qualities on a daily basis, in everything I do as a human being.

I live in sunny Los Angeles, California, where my multicultural family and friends keep me both on my toes and to the straight and narrow. When I am not challenging myself in a martial arts or yoga class, I enjoy playing Jazz piano, transforming paper into complex Origami creations, and capturing the beauty of nature with my camera.

For a full list of my professional credentials, click here.